Low impact. Another way to achieve quality.

Sustainability & Transparency

The honey industry has taken a flight and evolved over the years. New Zealand is the market leader and an example around the world. Zealandia Honey® wants to lead the industry in terms of sustainability and we review our processes and the way we do business continuously. For instance by improving our supply chain, looking for viable options such as compostable courier bags, packing tape and alternatives to bubble wrap. We're committed step by step everyday.

An uncompromising commitment

We believe in not compromising and going above and beyond for the quality of our products and the people involved every step of the way.

Ethically sourced

Adding value and insight by providing as much traceability as possible on every single honey. We visit each of the producers we work with and develop long-term relationships with them and you can join the journey with us by scanning your QR code.

Recycled Plastic Jars

Proud To Associate Ourselves With Sustainable Partners From New Zealand.

At Zealandia Honey® we are proud to associate ourselves with partners such as Pharmapac, a Toitū Enviromark Diamond certified manufacturer. Toitū leads businesses with their system of carbon and environmental programmes. Providing them the science-based tools, actions and evidence to make real progress. Their focus lies at working together to sustain the future of our environment and economy.

Pharmapac's statement of Sustainability

Working with plastics, it is extremely important that we respect and protect the world we live in and do as much as we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

At Pharmapac, our efforts toward environmental sustainability relate to what we produce and how we produce it. We stay up-to-date on the latest packaging developments and we ensure all new packaging is fully recyclable. Energy and water efficiencies are built into our manufacturing plant and a regrind and recycling facility onsite allows us to process post manufacturing recyclate for reuse in certain products.

For years Pharmapac has put measures in place to make our production methods and our products as environmentally friendly as possible. It is important to us to do more than just “talk the talk” of sustainability and eco-awareness, and to make real changes in how we care for our planet. We are an Enviromark Diamond Accredited manufacturer, an Operation Clean Sweep partner (ensuring zero pallet, flake and powdered plastic enters our marine environment) and ISO 9001∶2015 accredited.

When you purchase a Pharmapac product, you can feel good about buying from a company that ethically manufactures using environmentally responsible processes that are independently audited and verified.

The team at Pharmapac is not only passionate about packaging – we are committed to preserving the environment and the great outdoors so they can be enjoyed by everyone for generations to come.

- 100% New Zealand owned and operated
- FDA/EU compliant, AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 accredited
- Enviromark and Operation Clean Sweep certified
- 100% recyclable packaging
- Onsite post-industrial recycling facility
- Socially sustainable manufacturer
- State-of-the-art manufacturing plant saving on energy and water usage
- Enviro-Mark Diamond accredited

This demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and performance. It shows that we have a planned approach to managing our environmental impacts and preventing or reducing those impacts. Enviro-Mark is an internationally recognised environmental management programme administered by Crown Research Institute which helps companies identify and reduce the environmental impacts resulting from the manufacture of their products. Through certification of best practice, it helps consumers play their part in reducing these impacts.

Meet Mark

I had occasions where I've been out working with the bees and I've dreamt about the bees. With Zealandia I'm finding there's a real passion there and they've got some tremendous ideals. We're on the same trajectory, we're trying to make things happen.

Meet Mark & Sheree

What began as a handful of hives supplying bees to local Bay of Plenty kiwifruit orchards has grown into a substantial, but still family owned operation.  They have  hundreds of hives that still supply the local kiwifruit & avocados orchards.

Natural as standard

The Mānuka honey tree (Leptospermum scoparium) grows uncultivated throughout, Aotearoa, New Zealand. This gives beekeepers the opportunity to place their hives in some of the remotest regions of the country.

Untouched by human interference and mostly free from pesticides and other harmful products. We are lucky to have this pristine land at our expense and to ensure you only get the best from our land we test our honey for pesticides such as glyphosate and foreign matter.

We encourage beekeepers to use biodegradable products whilst maintaining a healthy hive and bee population.

Don't be greedy

The nectar that bees bring back to the hives contains sugars and protein pollen and is essential for the survival of the bee colony.

A healthy hive will produce a lot of honey and being too greedy as a beekeeper does not benefit your little workers at all. To minimise the need  to provide additional 'feed' to the bees we encourage beekeepers not to take all honey out of the hives and feed wastage back to the bees. We ask our selected beekeepers to avoid adding refined sugars.

Zealandia Honey® is able to tests and identify adulteration in honey through a simple laboratory test that we perform on all our products prior to export.