Zealandia Honey® Diamond (1000+)

A rare harvest that only comes and goes as the seasons do. Zealandia Diamond is our entry level honey to our ultra-high grade range. It is a fantastic honey for targeted applications. The benefits definitely out-weigh the costs of this unique tasting honey. Deliciously potent with an intense flavour, that only comes from high concentration mānuka honey. It’s sweet and has bitter after notes that are very pleasing on the palate.

It is sufficiently matured to achieve the right balance of MGO and DHA, the two key compounds in Manuka Honey. You don't want to heat this honey so don't use it in your tea or baking. Targeted use is best, so if you feel the need to be generous, go ahead and treat yourself.
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  • Certified New Zealand Made
  • Premium Quality
  • Straight from our beekeepers
  • Traceable to the source by QR code
  • Licensed by the New Zealand government